Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Things I've learned from Sadie...

It’s okay…
…to take a nap when you’re tired
…to trust someone as long as they deserve it
…to realize if you don’t trust someone, there’s probably a reason
…to be loyal & to be kind.
…to enjoy food/any food
…to run just to run or to chase a bird
…to love a scruffy, grumpy gray cat as a best friend
…to take a nip at an annoyance if they are still bothering you after 3 warning growls
…to be happy after a good walk & a cold drink of water on a sunny day
…to not enjoy being dumped in a tub full of water, even if you need it
…to curl up somewhere by yourself if you’re not feeling well

It’s not okay:
…to rub your butt on the floor
…to go poop whenever & where ever you choose
…to sniff someone’s butt, whether they want you to or not
…to chase a scruffy, grumpy gray cat just because you want  
to steal food off someone’s plate when they’re not looking 
....to eat that food to the point of becoming sick