Thursday, April 13, 2017

Today I spent my time…an homage to the sandwich generation

  1. ·         I spent the early morning getting a colonoscopy (I am 54 & am at “that age”)
  2. ·         I spent the late morning proof reading my son’s college essay in professional writing (I am a woman who knows proper grammar)
  3. ·         I spent the late afternoon helping  my mother with her health problems & memory issues (It's what we should & want to do)
  4. ·         I spent the early evening planning how to be there for my mom (a widow) & my son (a milllennial)
  5. ·         I spent the mid-evening preparing dinner, taking care of the pets (dog for a walk & cat fed)
  6. ·         I spent the late evening calendaring my things to do while doing laundry & cleaning up the house (there remain “life things” which need to be completed to keep a family functioning)
  7. ·         I spent the wee hours of the morning working (I must financially support my family)
  8. ·         I spent the few hours left sleeping that “sleep of the dead” (I try to “unplug” and pray I get a few hours of sleep).