Saturday, June 24, 2017

Little Toddy Soft Paws...

Todd came to me from a shelter in Fredericksburg, Texas. I investigated breeds which cat experts reported to have the least number of allergens. The breed that came up was the Russian Blue.  I found Todd on a website for rescued cats.  I asked the shelter to hold Todd for me and drove 3 hours to the shelter. 

When I arrived, the shelter said that they were mistaken. That, in fact, Todd was not a Russian Blue but was most likely a Korat (not a breed known for their lack of allergens). Never the less I decided to honor my commitment and adopt Todd. The shelter reported that Todd had been left in a garage and was abandoned by his owners when they sold their house. A neighbor called as he heard Todd crying from the intense summer heat and lack of food and water.

I’ve had Todd for three years now.  I have to take medication daily due to my allergies related to cat dander.  Further, Todd often vacillates between being attention seeking and extreme aloofness. However, in the early mornings he always awakens me with a light tapping on my face. It’s as if Todd needs assurance of his not being left alone.  This is why I refer to him as Little Toddy Soft Paws. He knows I will never leave him alone.