Monday, June 26, 2017

Lovely's dilemma...

Lovely was once was a girl who envisioned her life yet not in the conventional way. Her deepest desire was not to marry and settle but to learn, explore and experience the richness of life. She desired a close group of friends, of confidants, with whom to share these things. Lovely is a middle-aged woman now, older, and wiser. Despite her aspirations as a girl, in general, Lovely did what was expected of her. Lovely had married, had a child, gained; sometimes lost. suddenly, she found herself at a fork in the road. Should Lovely follow her heart, and to some, pursue her selfish desires? 

Lovely remained tied to the expectations of the responsible mother of a now adult child. She also felt the weight of being a responsible daughter of an aging mother. Sometimes late at night, Lovely wondered if it was time to take the leap. Truth to be told, Lovely had fulfilled many of her dreams she had envisioned as a girl. She had obtained that education, she had traveled, she had a group of dear friends. Even though these dreams had come true, Lovely continues to struggle between what she should do and what she desires to do. 

Deep in her heart she wishes to live abroad for a few months, perhaps for a few years. She feels a deep yearning to see that lovely sunset on the other side of the world. Lovely doesn’t have an abundance of money, but due to a bit of good fortune, if she lived modestly, she would be able to obtain this dream, as well. The dilemma which Lovely faces: should she continue to live the life of expectations or should she allow herself to see that lovely sunset on the other side of the world?